Your partners at TTN

Translation Manager: When a translation account is set up every client or in-house client is assigned a Translation Manager. The Translation Manager is responsible for ensuring that the translations are sent in good time and for checking the quality of translations. In addition he also checks the invoices before they are sent out. He is your direct contact person for any problems that may arise when working with the TeleTranslator-Network. He is available around the clock, even during holidays, for clients above a certain volume of trade. The Translation Manager speaks your mother tongue whenever possible.

Translators: TTN usually assigns your orders to home-based freelance translators or to small translation agencies with several translators working together.


You can find out your translators’ names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses by clicking on the “Translator” heading in the appropriate job order in the Archives. After the order is placed it can take several minutes for the translator’s name to be displayed.

If possible please write a comment for the translator in the comment field when confirming the order. Our translators always translate into the mother tongue. The translator is always located in a country where the target language is spoken.

Proofreaders: After the translation is completed it is sent to one or several proofreaders. Either the target or the source language is the proofreader’s mother tongue. Advertising copy is mostly sent to proofreaders whose mother tongue is the same as the target language. However, it is imperative that legal contracts be translated as literally as possible. Legal contracts are usually proofread by proofreaders who are fluent in the source language. The current version of the Translation Management system does not give clients access to the names of the proofreaders.

Language Manager: The Language Manager recruits translators and proofreaders from countries where the target language is a common language. For example, if you wish to have a manual translated from English into French and German, as soon as you register your translation order it is displayed on the monitors of our Language Managers in France and Germany. The Language Manager is intimately acquainted with his translation teams’ skills, because he knows the local translation scene and speaks the same language as the translators. He is therefore well placed to assign the right translators and proofreaders to your order and client account. He is responsible to the Translation Manager to ensure that deadlines are met and that the quality of the translations is of the highest order.

Desktop publishing: Texts in electronic format are overwritten to ensure that the translation has the same layout as the original. French translations are often 20 percent longer than English source texts. In some cases a translator may be unfamiliar with complex file formats such as PowerPoint, PageMaker or QuarkXpress and thus may be unable to meet the client’s demand for a finished translation with perfect graphics and layout. Therefore all files containing complex layouts are revised by a Desktop publisher. The DTP shop ensures that finished translations in all target languages have the same look.