Translation Management System (TMS)

The TMS Translation Management System was developed by Extran Ltd. It offers the following advantages:

Our efficient Order System, which estimates prices and works out deadlines in an instant, makes the translation business much more rational and effective. Finding out the how much your translation will cost and how long it will take is only a click away.
The Translators’ Database enables TTN to recruit a sufficient number of skilled and experienced translators. We can immediately find a specialized translator who is familiar with the subject matter of the text you wish to have translated.
The reservation system automatically sets the amount of time translators and proofreaders will spend on your text. The deadlines for the various production steps are monitored electronically. Reliable and fast translations are a key factor in the competition for global markets.
Your orders are converted into HTML format and indexed in the Translation Archive. This gives you immediate access to any search term or any order placed by your department. Text passages that have already been translated as well as original documents can be located in an instant and are ready for further revision.
Keybot - Translation Search Machine searches web pages that have been translated into several languages. Found documents are broken down into individual translation units and indexed on the basis of page formatting. When a search term is entered, the corresponding translation is displayed in all the available languages.
Translations produced for customers form an integral part of the TSM search engine and are protected using passwords. Search results derived from previous translation requests and from customers' homepages are displayed first, helping to ensure that translators use the correct terminology for a particular customer.

We will have completed programming TMS in the year 2015. Some program functions have already been introduced. We are adding, testing and implementing new program elements on a continuous basis. We are glad to be able to count you among TTN users.