TTN Archive and Keybot Translation Search Machine

The TTN Archive contains all translations supplied to TTN's customers since 1988. Any hits in the TTN Archive are always listed for registered customers and translators at the top of the display.

The fact that hits from the TTN Archive are listed first helps to ensure that translators use the correct terminology for a particular customer. Use of the search engine is particularly vital when two or more translators are working for the same customer.

The TTN Archive is split into different groups. An archive group normally contains all the translations for a given company. Keybot only displays the search results if the user has entered a password and has the necessary authorisation to access the archive. Access authorisation is awarded dynamically to translators working for TTN customers, meaning that when the translation job is allocated, the relevant archive group is opened automatically, but immediately the translation has been submitted, access to the archive group is immediately withdrawn again.