Software Localisation

Years of experience: Translation Network (TTN) was launched in 1988 by the software company Extran Ltd. Translations and software have proven to be our combination for success for over a decade. In 1993 TTN was awarded the First Prize by Credit Suisse and Computer 93. Thereafter the TTN team supported numerous software and telecommunications projects. Our first Internet server was already launched in 1995. Today the company has more than ten Internet servers, which are mainly used to fulfill translation orders.

Automatisation: Over the years we have built up a network of highly skilled people in the IT and DTP sectors who are capable of working with a broad spectrum of file formats. To localize software and graphic files we have in some cases written our own programs which substantially rationalize the translation process. These programs parse the original files and store the text sequences in a database. After the contents of the database have been translated the reverse process takes place: the programs replace the original text by the translation without changing the formatting. For major projects up to 80% of the usual processing time can be saved.

Teamwork: Flawless teamwork among IT experts, graphic designers, translators and proofreaders is the key to successful localization. Moreover, the client or the client’s graphics department often also have to be brought into the team. The TTN project managers see to it that every step of your project is completed smoothly and on schedule. TTN also offers a broad range of software test services. This also includes testing software in the source and target language, test planning and developing the test script.