Quality is a matter of organization

Tradition carries responsibilities:The TeleTranslator-Network is committed to the traditions of Geneva, its hometown. In Geneva, a city of watchmakers, the love for details and precision goes back centuries. It is the foundation of the well-deserved reputation of Swiss watches. Geneva is also the home of 550 international organizations; since the Middle Ages, the city has cherished a tradition of communicating with people from a wide range of cultures and languages. No other city in the world boasts a higher concentration of translators than Geneva.

Translators focused on the customer: A successful translation depends on a translator who understands your field and your company. Such an understanding can often only be gained during long years of collaboration. It is therefore essential that you should always have the same translators and proofreaders working for you. Every time there is a change of translator, there is a break in what may well have been a long and laborious struggle to produce outstanding quality.

Personal consulting services: The translators are usually selected by the Language Manager. To select the translators we rely on our in-house, in which qualified freelance translators from all over the world can register via the Internet. In rare cases the Language Manager may not be immediately able to find the right translator for a given language combination, either because the style does not meet the customer's expectations or because the selected translator lacks the necessary technical expertise. In the unlikely event that our results do not meet your expectations, please contact your Translation Manager. We will then have one or several of your texts translated by several translators at the same time and will evaluate the results for style, research, technical expertise, careless mistakes and presentation. The Translation Manager will then discuss the evaluations with you in person to enable you to put together your translation team according to your preferences.

Better safe than sorry: translations are not produced on an assembly line by robots that guarantee the same constant quality. Every translator has his personal ups and downs, which may affect the quality of a translation. Before delivery to our clients, all translations are checked by one or several proofreaders. TTN's Translation Management System has been designed to allow us to bring any number of proofreaders into a project. Depending on the importance of a particular text, one, two or several revision stages can be added. When the translation order is received, all team members involved in the project are immediately informed and the time needed for completing the translation is set aside automatically. A complex interplay of high-tech reservation software, telecommunications and human resources guarantee that we deliver consistently high quality and that we always meet our the deadlines.

Never change a winning team: The TTN database establishes a permanent link between the translators, proofreaders and Translation Managers on the one hand and the client account on the other. When a new job order is received the program automatically assigns a tried and tested team for the selected language combination based on the client's preferred profile and displays the time necessary to complete the translation in the reservation system. Only in the event of serious delays or translation errors do we replace a successful team that has taken several years to acquire expertise about a specific branch or company.