How do I receive the Translations?

In most cases we send you the translations in electronic format via the Internet. In order enable you to distinguish the various language versions, we add a three-character extension to the original file. The German file “Sample.doc” has the following filename in the French version: “Sample_FRE.doc”. The system invariable attaches the first three letters of the target language as an extension. If there are several versions of a particular file, we mark the file with a “V” and a number: Sample_V2.doc and Sample_V2_FRE.doc.

E-mail Most translations are sent as e-mail attachments.
Archives All original texts and translations are stored in HTML or any other desired format and are immediately retrievable. Clearly defined user groups can manage the Archives together.
FTP or SSH The translations are copied directly to your FTP or SSH server and you are informed by fax and e-mail of their arrival.
Fax The translations are sent to your fax number.

Several delivery options can be combined. Your Translation Manager will be glad to advise you about all available options.

Our translators usually overwrite your original files to ensure that the translations have the same look and format as the original text.